'Truth, destiny and a profound journey of discovery'

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An African- New Zealand Journal

Wairaka Point is a gripping narrative based around actual events. The subjects and settings are diverse: New Zealand, legal investigation, rabies, fathers, US Marines, heroic women, Maori, ambiguity, possum trapping, advertising, Zimbabwe, families, World War II, adolescence, Melbourne, military coups, rugby, Afrikaans history, literature, Ghana, infidelity, rescue missions, British colonial crimes, rural life, trading commodities, The Acadians, Wellington, racism, forgotten islands, travel, memories, secrets, death, love.

However these are just the subjects and settings. The plot and theme are a profound discovery as to the nature of truth and destiny. Stella Rees is beautiful, smart and pragmatic, but still a romantic who is willing to risk her life travelling across a war-torn continent for a man she barely knows. It’s 1979 and her homeland of Africa is filled with racism, violence and uncertainty -- yet she is determined that her love for New Zealander Nick James is worth it.

Little does she know Nick and his family harbor a deep secret, leaving her to wonder if she truly knows the man she was destined for. Spanning half a century and five countries, delving deep into how family history shapes who we are, Wairaka Point is a story about the truth and what it is to believe in something beyond doubt.




About the Author

Trevor Watkin was born in Cornwall, educated in Zimbabwe and graduated from Victoria University of Wellington. He has worked in agriculture as a trader, company director, and publisher. His interests include history, mountain biking and travel. Trevor lives in Melbourne and spends summer in New Zealand. He is the winner of the prestigious Australian Spectator Thawley Essay Prize 2016, on Australia’s future. 


“A great story covering a wide range of themes” 

- Owen Trevor Smith – Author  

“Just finished a great read”

- Sam Hunt – Poet   

“What a book!”

Christine Frayling  ‘The Reader’ Booksellers New Zealand